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Bright, Fun and Dishwasher Safe: Stainless Steel, 20oz Tumblers

It's So Bright. How Bright Is It?

This year I've got some fun new techniques up my sleeve! I've purchased some great machines and supplies so the products I'm able to create have stepped up a notch. The technique used on these tumblers is called sublimation. Sublimation is basically vibrant ink that, with the help of heat, magically transfers to specific products. Sublimation has it's limitations...ooh I kinda rhymed there...but when I can use it, I can create full color graphics. Below are some photos of the graphics, but photos do not do these images justice. If you order one, you'll see why I said it was magical.

About the 20oz Tumbler

These tumblers are referred to as the 20oz Skinny Tumbler because they are 8 inches tall and about 3 inches wide. They are stainless steel and double walled. These cups will keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. They come with a reusable straw and a clear lid that also has a slide opening to use without the straw if preferred. When closed, the lid provides a nice air tight seal. And best of all, they are dishwasher safe!

Who Cares About All That Bologna, Show Me Some Designs

If you didn't read all the top hullaballoo, let me sum up...I can create pretty much any full color design on these puppies! Below are some designs I've already put together, but if you have something else in mind, email me or message me on Facebook and we can make it happen. Prices start at $25 and vary on these depending on design, use of ink and colors. For even more designs visit my Drinkware page.

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