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Back to School

School is quickly approaching. We may not know exactly what this year has in store, but one thing's for want to sport some cool gear! From back to school tees, water bottles and masks,d I've got some great stuff for your child this school year.

Personalized Shirts Starting at $20

Back to school t-shirts for all ages. Below are a handful of designs, but I can customize a shirt just for your little guy or girl. If there's a specific character, animal or design you don't see, but would like, I can create it for you.

Personalized Water Bottles Starting at $18

If your child's school is like mine, each kid needs his/her own water bottle. What better way to keep track of your bottle than for it to have your name on it? Other bottle styles and designs available as well.

Custom Masks Starting at $18

A specific character, name or initials? I can create a mask for your school-goer. I can even design a mask with your child's school mascot and colors.

If you'd like to place an order or have any questions you can email me or fill out my online form.

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