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New Online Shop

I've been busy the past couple of weeks trying to get my new online shop up and running. In the past, the only virtual payments I've been able to recieve were via Venmo. Now, you can browse the store, toss all the things in your cart, calculate shipping and pay right on the site. I know, revolutionary, right! hehe...Not all of my products are up there yet, but I'll be diligently adding to them. You can still contact me at, through the contact form or on Facebook to order anything that's not there as well as for customized orders.

If you prefer Venmo, or just hate all technology and would rather send a check, no worries, you can still pay that way, just select offline payment at checkout.

Below is a handul of items available in the new shop. There are currently more than 25 products to purchase this way. And, don't forget to follow me on Facebook for updates and new fun stuff!

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