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New Decade Tumblers Now Available

Remember when you didn't have to wear a mask to go out? Barely, but I know what I definitley remember...the first time I saw Dirty Dancing in the movie theater and later recording it on a VHS tape when it was on HBO. I remember watching Punky save Cherrie when she was trapped in a refrigerator and listening to Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual on a cassette tape in my grandparents basement. These are all great memories represented on my new 80s Stainless Steel Tumbler #2. Yup, #2. I have two versions of the 80s decade tumbler. It's impossible to fit every memory even on two tumblers. Maybe there'll be a third in the future.

Without completely giving away my age, I can let you know that the 90s are what I remember best. P I V O T ... As if ... MMM Bop ... If you're a human that was alive during the 90s, even if you didn't see the Friends episode with Ross screaming pivot while moving a couch up the stairs (The One with the Cop), you more than likely have, at least, heard of it. Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and the brothers from Hanson are just a couple more of the fun memories on the 90s decade tumbler.

Brad and Jen, Who Let the Dogs Out, Whassuupppp!!??? and the Bend and Snap are all represented on my brand new 2000s decade tumbler. This was the time when technology really took an upswing. Napster, Razr phones and ipods, oh my! And let's not forget (as if you could) High School Musical.

If there's a decade, or something you'd like to see on an existing decade tumbler, shoot me a message and I can make it happen. Don't forget to check out the online store for other fun stuff I have available.

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